Chapter 2.2 Child of the Promise
God’s Son, original pencil drawing by L. Lovett, 1984
God’s Son, original pencil drawing by L. Lovett, 1984 (CLICK on the image above for a LARGER version)

The next morning Jesus awoke with sunlight catching a glimpse of his holy face through a skylight near the top of the cave. He was hungry! Mary tended to his needs, as all mothers tend to their children’s needs. He was a real baby like all babies; belonged to her, yet did not seem to belong to her.

The shepherds had hurried into town and spread the word that the Messiah of Israel had finally come! All who heard were astonished at what the shepherds said. News quickly filtered from house to house, and by noon the cave was filled with people wanting to see the newborn king.

Joseph knew he must move his family and inquired about a more secure home in Bethlehem. He quickly found a small house due to the kindness of one of the residents who eagerly expected the Messiah. Since both he and Mary were of the line of David, they had kinsfolk in the city and experienced little trouble in establishing themselves, with Joseph taking up his usual trade of carpenter, cabinetmaker, and builder. Even though he wasn’t the biological father of Christ, Joseph was proud of his newborn “son” and knew his important role in history. The salvation of the world was in his safekeeping. Soon his child became the talk of the town.

Thus it was that every event connected with the Messianic manifestation of Jesus would come to Mary as a fresh discovery and a new surprise. Each event throughout his life would reveal part of the whole. She carefully treasured in her heart every fact until she could read from it the great mystery that he, whom incarnate she had borne, was indeed the Son of God.

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