Chapter 41.2 Resurrection Morning
Early Resurrection Morning (Easter Sunday) to Day of Ascension
(forty days), Judea and Galilee, spring A.D. 30
Peter and John Running to the Tomb, original oil painting by Eugene Burnand, 1850-1921
Peter and John Running to the Tomb, original oil painting by Eugene Burnand, 1850-1921
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In the golden sky of early morning, the two apostles immediately ran to the tomb at top speed to verify Christ’s resurrection. As he ran, John bent forward and clasped his hands together in gratitude and anticipation of seeing the Lord once more. His thoughts and eyes fixed ahead on the garden gate in which the tomb of Jesus lay.

In that swift race, Peter ran by faith, yearning to set things right with his risen Savior. With the wind in his face and his hand pressed back against a heart that was bursting with joy, he began to understand the significance of his declaration of Christ on the mount of transfiguration. As the two neared their goal, older heavier Peter began to fall behind and the younger man got there first.

Peter and John View Evidence

When John reached the entrance, one glance showed the white linen wrappings. He stopped suddenly and leaned breathless and panting against the rock, his face hidden in the crook of his arm. He could not bear to go in alone.

Close behind came Peter, who ran past John and stumbled down the stone steps into the tomb. His shaking knees gave way beneath him and out of breath he sank down to the rock floor. Gazing out of red sleepless eyes, he also saw the linen wrappings lying on the stone, but as yet did not realize their meaning.

John regained his courage and followed Peter down into the tomb. The beloved apostle intently studied the wrappings; and to his clearer, calmer mind they brought a realization that was slow and steady like the rising of the sun.

Jesus’ grave clothes were not lying in a confused heap as if thieves had unwound them and stolen the body. They had not been unwound at all! The linen clothing that had been so carefully and lovingly wrapped around the body of Jesus was still as his followers had arranged it, with little bunches of herbs undisturbed among the folds. But now it lay flat on the stone, sunk gently down by its own weight. The facecloth that had been wrapped about Christ’s head was still in its folds, in the place where his head had been a little apart from the other linen. It was also sunken down by its own weight. The clothes were lying just where they would be as if a body had miraculously disappeared from within the folds of the wrappings! When God had wanted his human body elsewhere, at his command it had vanished instantly and gently without disturbing the clothing.

In front of Peter and John was unmistakable evidence that the Lord’s body had not been disrupted at all! Now they understood that the Scriptures meant he would truly rise from the dead—and they believed!

The two apostles returned to the upper room, full of wonder and totally convinced their Lord was alive, and knew they must wait for further guidance.

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